Your life is what you make of it.
Your life is what you make of it. 

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Hello, I'm Tricia Ferrone, and Capital LifeWorks is the life coaching/consulting practice I developed to help people create and influence change in their lives and attain happier, healthier and more fulfilling lifestyles.

The Challenge of Change

Whether the change you want to create is about adjusting the balance in your life, fine-tuning one aspect of it, or transforming it completely, your success depends on meeting the true challenge of change, which having the ability to:

  • recognize the habitual nature of your current thinking and behaviors;
  • understand the correlation between your habits and your lifestyle; and
  • alter your habits and behavioral patterns so they align with the lifestyle you truly desire.

Taking on this challenge requires you go beyond goal-oriented activity.  Instead, you need to develop new mindsets so you can make real-time conscious decisions to change subconscious behaviors. It requires fostering and embracing an intention -- a personal vision of what you want your life to be -- so you remain committed to moving your life forward with confidence and purpose. It requires you to develop an enhanced sense of awareness that gives you the power to focus clearly on an immediate moment but also envision the big picture of your life. Meeting this challenge is not easy but, as your coach, that is exactly what I can and will help you do.

Meeting the Challenge

Over the years, I developed a highly-effective, innovative and holistic coaching methodology. It blends cognitive behavioral techniques that drive purposeful action with mindfulness, which is a hightened sense of conscious awareness.


It is a self-empowering approach to change whereby you become fully invested in understanding the complexities of change; learn how to overcome obstacles in your path; and develop an intentional lifestyle that aligns with your true values and priorities. 


As your coach, collaborator and confidante, I will carefully guide you through a program designed to address your specific needs, desires and personality and based on my three principles for creating and influencing change in your life:

Learn to read the signs (read more...)


Focus your attention on your intention (read more...)


Keep things real and keep things moving (read more...)

These three energizing and liberating principles will:


*provide the clarity you need to embrace change on a higher level and attach a deeper significance to meeting your challenge;


*supply the insight and decisiveness you need to stay connected to your overall intention and be able to take advantage of opportunities to change your life that occur every day;


*develop new and transformational habits and behavioral patterns;


*serve as a template for exercising greater control over your own life, which is what any desire to change is really all about.

Your Life is What You Make of It.

There are two ways you can live your life.  You can either take proactive measures to create and influence change in your life, or you can remain passive as change happens to your life. The choice is yours but it is easy to see which option will help you achieve the fulfilling lifestyle you really want and truly deserve. 


What are you waiting for?  Choose to begin living your best life right now and schedule a FREE confidential consultation with me today. There are absolutely no fees involved and the only obligation you have is to yourself. 


Your life is what you make of it. Contact Capital LifeWorks today!


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